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There goes the neighborhood.....

Well, I'm moving back to Amherst.

Will the town ever be the same?

Hello Folks!

Well, I've been away at college and I see no one has really wrote much here. When I was home I noticed a few new things!

RCMP Station and windmill power generator (West Amherst across the 104 from the Wandlyn)
Petro Canada (across Victoria from that)
New CKDH station (behind that)
Deluxe French Fries
New A&W

Depending on how long you've been away, there a new hospital, high school, and elementary school (same lot as old high school) as well. Acadia Street School becaome the town library quite some time ago now.

I've seen that town change a LOT in my lifetime. The mall is practically DEAD now. At least half the stores are closed up, and I'm fairly sure Wal-Mart has something to do with a few of the closures. I hated seeing Payless go *lol*

I'd love to write about something other that what's newly constructed, but not actually living in Amherst kinda hinders that.

Cumberland Community

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Hey, I created a new community for Cumberland County called cumberlandns. Come join.

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Nov. 24th, 2003

I love this town.

No really.

It has it's own personality. It's not huge and impersonal like a city, but not so small and hickish that it can't be withstood.

For those of you away, new additions to our little burg are :
A brand-spanking new Superstore

and soon to come, if all goes as planned:
A multiplex (woo hoo!)
Swiss Chalet/ Harvey's combo store (whoop! - I love Harvey's! Thier burgers kick Ronald's ass!)

My favorite thing to do here is walk at the bird sanctuary... what's yours?


I can still remember what Sunday afternoons in Amherst were like pre-Sunday Shopping.

You'd walk outside at 14:00 and see that the most action that was happening was an old man taking a walk. And you'd know the reason he was taking that walk was because he couldn't take the boredom anymore either.

If you didn't go to church on Sunday there was nothing, absolutely nothing to do. Boy, was that excrutiating.

Jul. 15th, 2003

Are there still rats the size of Chihuahuas in Amherst?
I still snicker when the words R.B. Dickey School infiltrate my mind.

Dec. 15th, 2002

Do any of you know if Amherst Daily News has a website and if so, what the URL is?
Another of my childhood memories from Amherst was seeing this old guy riding a bike adorned with 2 or 3 transistor radios, a dozen or so flags and just about anything else that can be stuck to a bicycle. He rode very slowly down Victoria Street, radios blasting a discordant, fuzzy radio broadcast of country music- so slowly, in fact, that he would have gotten to his destination just as quickly by getting off and walking. But I get the feeling he wanted attention from riding that bike, being as he made a parade float out of it.

I was fascinated by this display that the grownups all tried to ignore with a shudder.