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I didn't know there was an lj group for Amherst. Strikes me as weird for some reason. Anybody ever actually come here?

Opinion Poll

What is your favorite memory of Amherst?

Where is your favorite spot in Amherst?

What change would you like to see in Amherst?


Wow! It's been a while!

Amherst hasn't dropped off the face of the earth, which is all well and good. It IS desperately in need of livening up though...as is this journal.

I'm going to make it a plus account so we can have polls and whatnot.

I was also thinking that it would be nice to make photo posts here so that we can share our pictures of the town and surrounding area. Maybe even a photo contest!


I don't know if this post is allowed in the community, if not, let me know or delete it.

I'm a freelance journalist using livejournal as a way to see what is happening in communities/cities/towns in the maritimes. I'm on the search for subjects and story ideas. I'm a student at St. Thomas University. If anyone has any story ideas, any issues, problems, a hot tip, or something just doesn't seem right - feel free to contact me via e-mail or through livejournal.

All comments will be left screened to ensure the confidentiality of posters and will not be viewed by anyone other than myself.


Nov. 17th, 2005

The 5:00 ATV news is doing a feature tonight on Amherst.
I am 25/f and I live in Halifax and am looking for a roommate for Jan-May.
Is there anyone out there who needs a place to stay???
Its on Quinpool and 425 a month

The net and cable is 40 a month and electricity is around 20.

It is fully furnished.

Amherst driving

My car broke down in Amherst tonight. How fortuitous!

You know, I really miss the arcade they had uptown. I had so much fun there.

Steak and Mushroom Subs at the Redwood

I REALLY miss Amherst's "Redwood Steak and Mushroom Subs". The Redwood Takeout  use to be located beside the Amherst post office! *Sigh*  They were the best!

Sep. 14th, 2005

Last night was the first time I ever say Amherst on TV. That was a new experience for me, since I live in Toronto and have never seen Amherst get that kind of national attention on any television network before. It was cool. It was on the CBC series Life and Times. The episode was about Terry Fox and it mentioned that Amherst really came through for him during the initial Marathon of Hope after most of NS had not. I think Amherstonians raised something like $4000.00. One of the DJs from CKDH played an interview he did with Fox and they showed Victoria street. Pretty neat.